Announcing Medicine X | Alliance Health ePatient Scholarship Program

One of the founding missions of Medicine X is to create a patient-centered view of emerging technology and Medicine. Our goal is to unite all health care stakeholders to work together to solve health care problems. As you might guess, patients are a core set of stakeholders. Yet they typically haven’t been meaningfully represented and engaged in an academic medical conference.

We want to change that.

I’m so pleased to announce that Medicine X has secured a gift from Alliance Health to create the Medicine X | Alliance Health ePatient Scholarship Program. I’ve worked hard over the past several months with members of our ePatient advisory panel (Sean Ahrens, Hugo Campos, Nick Dawson, Sarah Kucharski, and Steven Wilkins) to craft a one-of-a-kind program that allocates up to 10% of the seats at Medicine X to ePatient Scholars. More than just attending the conference, our program offers four unique tracks to engage and involve ePatients in the Medicine X conference as bloggers, tweeters, designers and even speakers! A limited number of awards will also be available to fund patient travel to Medicine X  through a gift from the Kadry Foundation.

My friend Amy Tenderich, vice president and chief patient advocate at Alliance Health Networks, shares my enthusiasm for the program. She says: “Alliance Health is excited to be working alongside the Stanford Medicine X team to help empower patients. Medicine X promises to become a leading platform for patient-centered care, patient-centered design, and new frontiers in patient advocacy using social media.”

Medicine X is an academic conference designed for everyone.

Applications open February 15, 2012.

Please join our Medicine X online community and we’ll send you a reminder when our applications open!

Photo: ePatient Scholars and advisors from our 2011 conference at Stanford, including Dr. Larry Chu (far left) and Advisor Nick Dawson (far right). ePatients (left-to-right) include: Sarah Kucharski, Steve Wilkins, Lisa Fields, Sean Ahrens, Melinda Cuthbert, Hugo Campos, Deborah Boyce, Jody Schoger, Richard Anderson, and Liza Bernstein).

About Alliance Health

Alliance Health uses the power of social networks to help consumers more actively navigate and manage their care.  Its condition-specific websites and mobile apps connect more than one million patients and caregivers, unlocking new opportunities to foster engagement, peer support and knowledge-sharing.  

About the Kadry Foundation

The Kadry Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing patient-centered design and participation in medical education, research and health care.

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  • Lizzie Braswell

    I think this is a wonderful opportunity and would also be so knowledgeable to many on all the sites here. Thank you for all the opportunities you have worked for e patients it is much appreciated. I would like to be kept updated on this.


  • James Baker

    Seems like a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for making it available to us

    Best Regards


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