Announcing recipients of the Medicine X | Alliance Health ePatient scholarships

I’m so proud to announce the recipients of the Medicine X | Alliance Health ePatient scholarship program! We gratefully acknowledge the leadership of Alliance Health Networks in sponsoring this ground-breaking program that allows us to bring the patient voice to Stanford Medicine X.

The selection process for the recipients was rigorous and applicant identities were completely blinded to our ePatient advisory panel. We are incredibly proud of the caliber of applicants and only regret that we were not able to make more scholarships available.

Applicants who are not listed below may still have a chance to receive a scholarship award. The recipients below must still officially accept their scholarship and those who are unable to do so will allow us to make their award available to another qualified applicant. Scholarship recipients will receive an email shortly with instructions for accepting their awards.

A limited number of travel awards were made to the applicants who demonstrated the greatest need. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Kadry Foundation in providing travel support for Medicine X.

Caregiver-Patient Duo

  • PJ Rossie Boren, Alabama
  • Anthony Galarza, California
  • Michael Seres, United Kingdom

Design Track

  • Erin Gilmer, Texas
  • Heather Kern, Texas
  • Nikolai Kirienko, California
  • Sarah Kucharski, North Carolina
  • M.A. Malone, California

Engagement Track

  • Richard Anderson, California
  • Liza Bernstein, Colorado
  • Lizmari Collazo, Iowa
  • Karen Curtiss, Illinois
  • Julie (Jewels) Doskicz, Arizona
  • Martine Ehrenclou, California
  • Robin Farmanfarmaian, California
  • Tim Gort, Michigan
  • Kerri MacKay, Canada
  • Carly Medosch, Virginia
  • Molly Reisman, California
  • Cherise Shockley, Indiana
  • Carolyn Thomas, Canada
  • Marianne Vennitti, New Jersey
  • Kim Vlasnik, Nebraska
  • Steve Wilkins, California

Presenter Track

  • Sean Ahrens California
  • Hugo Campos, California
  • Donna Cryer, DC
  • Karen Herzog, California
  • Dana Lewis, Washington
  • Britt Moody, California
  • Sherry Reynolds, Washington
  • Alicia Staley, Massachussets

About Alliance Health

Alliance Health uses the power of social networks to help consumers more actively navigate and manage their care.  Its condition-specific websites and mobile apps connect more than one million patients and caregivers, unlocking new opportunities to foster engagement, peer support and knowledge-sharing.

About the Kadry Foundation

The Kadry Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing patient-centered design and participation in medical education, research and health care.


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  • Carolyn Thomas

    Wooooooo Hoooooooo! Thanks a million, Stanford friends! I’m so excited to see my name on this scholarship list, and am looking forward to meeting you in person in September.

  • Britt Moody

    Yay!!! I can’t say thank you enough! I am thrilled to be a part of the conference and to get to meet all of you! Really looking forward to it!

    Britt Moody

  • sherry reynolds @cascadia

    One thing that is amazing is just how powerful the “community” of ePatients is becoming and the pivotal and transformational role that technology and this even in particular playing in weaving individual stories into a powerful tapestry of change.

  • CarlyRM

    Thank you so much! I am very excited to attend. Thanks to Nick Dawson for bringing the opportunity to my attention.

  • Kim Vlasnik

    I am so grateful to be on this list! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I’m looking at flights and fighting back tears of happiness. 🙂

  • Liza Bernstein

    Thank you so much!! I am honored and excited to be a part of MedicineX! See you all in September!!

  • Marianne Vennitti

    I am excited beyond belief. This is definitely a reason to stay motivated and determined to live a well life with my rare disease. This is both a responsibility and opportunity that I will not take lightly. I’m over joyed to be a voice for my rare community.

  • Lizmari Collazo

    I am extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and I can’t wait to be a part of this conference. I did receive my e-mail, but my registration link was never added. It’s highlighted blue, but it won’t mouse over, like a link. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

  • Jewels Doskicz

    Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in such an innovative program. I’m honored with my appointment on the engagement track of Medicine X and looking forward to my involvement in it.
    All the best,
    Jewels Doskicz

  • Eve Harris

    Great line up! A robust roster; I expect an exponential expansion of the participation of patients. The alliteration is accidental but perhaps reveals my excitement. Best wishes, all.
    – Eve

  • Martine Ehrenclou

    I just found out now! I’m so excited!!!! I am honored! Thank you.

  • Tiffany Peterson

    Congratulations to all the recipients! I look forward to catching your tweets during the live-stream! Way to represent for us Patients!

  • Kerri MacKay

    I’m extremely honoured to be among those on the scholarship list, and very excited to take part in the Med-X experience in September! Thank you, Stanford, for this amazing opportunity!

  • Tim Gort

    I’m finally able to comment and say that I’m very excited at this opportunity to not only be involved in such a wonderful event but also to be included among this fine list of difference-makers. Thank you, Stanford and the Medicine X crew! Looking forward to meeting you all this fall!


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