Announcing our 2013 ePatient Advisory Panel

I’m so delighted to announce our Stanford ePatient advisory panel for 2013. This dedicated group of empowered patients and advocates has worked hard to provide important advice and guidance to Medicine X on our very special ePatient programs. Please take a moment to help me welcome these talented individuals below:

Liza Bernstein (@itsthebunk) is a three time cancer survivor, first diagnosed in 1994, who has used Twitter and social media to extend her patient advocacy work to help others become engaged patients and partner in their own care. Liza was a 2012 Medicine X ePatient scholar who was profiled in a Stanford Medicine X film on peer-to-peer healthcare.

Nick Dawson (@nickdawson) is the Patient Experience Officer at Frontier Health, based in Richmond Virginia. He is a former health system executive who cares deeply about how we do the work of delivering care and how patients experience health care services. After all, we are all patients.

Before joining Frontier Health, Nick served in several administrative roles within several integrated health systems. He has led strategy and innovation teams, operational departments and revenue cycle efforts.

Britt Johnson (@hurtblogger) is a 27-year old spondyloarthropathy and rheumatoid arthritis ePatient and blogger of TheHurtBlogger. Britt was a 2012 Medicine X ePatient scholar who was selected to give a talk about her experiences on the Stanford Medicine X main stage in 2012.

Sarah Kucharski (@afternoonnapper) is a rare disease ePatient and founder of FMD Chat, a group that provides peer-to-peer support for those who suffer from fibromuscular dysplasia. Ms. Kucharski is also the blogger of The Afternoon Nap Society blog. Sarah was a 2012 Medicine X ePatient scholar who participated in the IDEO design challenge workshop as the patient-center of a design team.

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  • e-Patient Dave

    Huzzah! Huzzah to all – great choices!

  • e-Patient Dave

    p.s. Ya gotta put people’s tweep IDs in the post so we can tweet ’em! 🙂

  • Larry Chu
    Larry Chu

    Thanks Dave! So glad for the suggestion. Done! Hope you are doing well!

  • ChronicPainGPS

    Congrats to everyone! So excited for this year’s event!

  • Hugo Campos

    What a great panel! Excellent choices.

  • shirley

    Wonderful to see

  • Alicia Staley

    Congratulations to the Panel!

  • Jackie Fox

    Looks like a great panel. Congratulations!

  • Lori Marx-Rubiner

    Wonderful panel doing wonderful work! On behalf of ePatients everywhere, hanks to all of you for your gift of giving back!

  • Katie McCurdy

    An awesome group!

  • DCPatient

    Love them all!

  • Marianne Vennitti

    What a fabulous grop of dedicated e-Patients. Best of luck this year. Sorry I will be missing it this year.

  • Jody Madson Moody

    Fantastic! Strength and purpose!

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