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Last year, Stanford Medicine X drew a diverse selection of speakers from around the world to present on a range of topics exploring how emerging technologies are advancing the practice of medicine, improving health, and empowering patients to be active participants in their own care.

Recalling their experiences participating at Medicine X, a sampling of speakers who addressed the audience from the main stage, engaged with attendees during plenary sessions and showcased their work in poster presentations share their perspectives below.

An “Unparalleled” Experience

Speaking from a panelist’s perspective, Kevin Clauson, Pharm D, said, “The attention to detail and thoughtfulness that Larry Chu and his staff put into allowing the speakers to create an experience at Medicine X and share their message is unparalleled.” Clauson served on a panel with collaborators Dana Lewis and Boris Glants where they shared their perspectives as researcher, patient and entrepreneur while presenting on their study examining how texting can improve diabetes patients’ medication adherence. He added:

This was a great experience because we were able to speak about our real-world attempt at a participatory design approach. hd sikiş izle I think our unconventional approach to research resonated with the audience and helped show the e-patients in the audience a model for how they could help improve the research process. Since it was research-in-progress, we also received invaluable feedback from the truly diverse attendees.

An International Conference in an Intimate Setting

Margaret Hansen, RN, MSN, EdD, who discussed her research on the effects of complementary therapies delivered using mobile devices in decreasing surgical patients’ anxiety and pain while increasing self-efficacy levels in post-operative healing. In reflecting on her experience at the conference, Hansen said it “was exceptional because I felt respected, heard and appreciated by the audience.” She also noted that “Medicine X stands out from other conferences because of the individual attention one receives at the conference.”

Collaborative Networking With Inspiring Thinkers

Clinical research fellow at Oxford University Chris Paton, who ran the workshop with Hansen, called it “a real privilege to attend and present” and noted that he “particularly enjoyed the smaller break-out style sessions in the classrooms, where we had great discussions.” He said, “Medicine X is a great opportunity to connect with other researchers interested in using social media for medical and health-care education.”

Homero Rivas, MD, assistant professor in general surgery at Stanford, echoed Paton’s sentiments. Rivas and colleagues featured their project aimed at bringing mobile and data analysis to resident education in a poster presentation. Rivas said, “This was a great experience as it allowed us to network with a lot of people with alike interests. While this was the inaugural conference, I believe its association with Stanford and its innovation are key to success in the future.”

Inclusion of Patients Offers A Unique Opportunity

Co-principal investigator on the C3N project Michael Seid, PhD, also commented on the impeccable organization of the conference saying, “As speakers we were prepped extremely well, kept up-to-date with developments, accommodated in terms of last-minute-changes, and generally treated like honored guests. All the staff members I interacted with were professional, highly competent and extremely responsive.” But overall what made Medicine X unique was “the community engendered by engaging patients, researchers, and IT folks as collaborators. I was most impressed that patients had front-row seats, had the opportunity to present, and were treated like royalty,” said Seid.

Medicine X is currently accepting submissions to present workshops, panel discussions and oral and poster presentations at its 2013 conference.

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