2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Selections Announced

I’m so proud to announce selections for the 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholars program. The process of selection was a lengthy one that involved the participation of the entire 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Advisory Panel (Liza Bernstein, Nick Dawson, Britt Johnson, Sarah Kucharski) as well as two former ePatient scholars who will return this year as Stanford Medicine X ePatient Mentors (Sean Ahrens and Hugo Campos). Over the course of the next few weeks we will announce ePatient travel awards and the assignment of scholars to our program tracks.

Please note that in the event some of the selected ePatients cannot attend the conference (e.g. due to health reasons), we may allow candidates on our waiting list to take their place or elect to leave a position unfilled if a suitable candidate cannot be found. Please also note that ePatient advisory panel members are selected by the Executive Director to be included in the ePatient Scholar program.

2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Mentors

  • Sean Ahrens
  • Hugo Campos

Our 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar program selections are listed in alphabetical order below (* indicates a 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Advisory Panel Member):

  • Brett Alder
  • Richard Anderson
  • Karen Anaid Solis González
  • Elizabeth Apple
  • Katherine Arbanasin
  • Laura Barre
  • Liza Bernstein*
  • Deborah Boyce
  • Emily Bradley
  • Sheren Chiang
  • Jamia Crockett
  • Nicole Estanol
  • Natasha Gajewski
  • Melissa Hicks
  • Britt Johnson*
  • Kathy Kastner
  • Emily Kramer-Golinkoff
  • Alan Kristopher Brewington
  • Sarah Kucharski*
  • Noga Leviner
  • Dana Lewis
  • Lori Marx-Rubiner
  • Katie McCurdy
  • Sara Nicastro
  • Eileen Propp
  • Casey Quinlan
  • Joseph Riffe
  • Jodi Schoger
  • Christopher Snider
  • Alicia Staley
  • Suzanne Venasse
  • Michael Weiss
  • Theresa Wingham
  • Jasmine Wylie
  • Tracy Zervakis


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  • Alan Brewington

    Thank you for selecting me, I’m honored!

  • Reply

    SO delighted to be on this list. I’m honored, gleeful, and thoughtful all at once. This isn’t about me, or us. It’s what we can help bring into being for others. Looking forward to September!!

  • Deborah Boyce

    To say I am thrilled is an understatement! Words cannot adequately capture or express the excitement I’m feeling right now. I look forward to being inspired and experiencing the synergistic magic of Stanford Medicine X. An added plus will be renewing friendships and meeting face2face with people I’ve known virtually for quite some time. A sincere thank you to Larry, the 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Advisory Panel and Mentors, and the philanthropic supporters for this opportunity!

  • Jamia Crockett

    You can imagine my surprise at 4:30 AM this morning as I was cleaning up my 2 year old (potty training begins today!) and I saw flashing lights from my phone. I saw that there was a message from Larry Chu, MD, MS and I gulped…I figured it was a “thank you for applying but we have selected other candidates” courtesy email but it wasn’t!

    I am thrilled and honored to part of such an innovative and forward-thinking group of individuals who see healthcare differently!

    I look forward to meeting you all In September!

  • Joseph Riffe

    I’m shocked, honored, and amazed to have been selected amongst this incredible group of individuals. Thank you so much and I cannot wait to meet you all.


  • Melissa Hogan

    I was disappointed not to be selected, but I wanted to say congratulations to those that were! I hope the conference goes well for you and I hope to attend someday in the future!

  • Reply

    Joyously Gobsmacked.
    Tickled Pink.
    Puffed with Pride.
    Forever Grateful.
    And Double Happiness: I get to meet insanely smart and forward thinking peeps and tweeps IRL – so many who’ve opened my mind – including Larry, Hugo, Sean, Liza Nick, Britt and Sarah.
    Thank you all for helping to make a smarter future happen (and including me in the mix)

  • Elizabeth Apple

    Thank you so much for including me in the 2013 Standford Medicine X ePatient Scholar progam! With much gratitude and excitement, I look forward to attending the conference in September. It will be an honor and a pleasure to participate in this wonderful learning experience and to have the opportunity to meet all of the ePatient scholars, mentors, advisory panel members, and program directors!

  • Lori Marx-Rubiner

    VERY much looking forward to learning, sharing and growing with the Med X community. Thank you so very much for the honor of including me!

  • Emily Bradley

    I cannot even begin to express how excited and honored I am to see my name on this list! Was not expecting it! Cannot wait to meet everyone!

  • Jasmine Wylie

    What an amazing feeling to see my name on this list! I am surprised, honored, and excited!

  • Karen Anaid Solis González

    I’m really glad to be selected!!! I’m pretty sure everyone of us will do our best and could help many people and ourselves too.

    I’m from México and really know this could make a lot of alternatives to my people and caregivers.

    I’m so excited to be with you and learn from you, I will ever thankfull to Stanford and all the specialist and directors of the program. Thank you Dr. Chu!!

    I want to meet you, every one!!!

    See you soon friends!!

    Hughs, kisses and my best congratulations


  • Carla Berg

    Congratulations to all on this excellent list! It is also super to see how many of those named above are “peeps” from @s4pm (participatorymedicine.org). We list-mates will be looking forward to hearing much more about it all from all of you!

    Carla B.

  • Jody Schoger

    Three words: I can’t wait.

    I’m so honored to have been selected as a 2013 epatient scholar and have the opportunity to study with all of you.

    Thank you so much for this. This means more than I can express.

    Warm regards,

    Jody Schoger

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