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I’m proud to announce a Stanford Medicine X Master Class with Regina Holliday on social media for action. The Master Class will be offered as part of the 2013 Stanford Medicine X conference, held on the campus of Stanford University September 27-29, 2013.

About the Stanford Medicine X Master Class Program

The Stanford Medicine X Master Class program is designed to provide once-in-a-lifetime learning experiences with thought leaders and innovators in emerging technologies and medicine who are masters in their field. The unique format of our Master Class program provides an intimate venue in a small classroom setting at the Stanford University School of Medicine. With attendance capped at 15 people, our Master Class program ensures learning is ignited by one-on-one conversations, dynamic group activities and discussion. Although no additional fee is charged, admission to a Master Class is made by application and students are selected by the Master faculty member.

About the Master Class

Regina Holliday is the founder of the Walking Gallery and is the author of Regina Holliday’s Medical Advocacy Blog. She will conduct a 90-minute Master Class on social media for action. The final curriculum will be shaped by the learners themselves through their course applications, but her master class tentatively includes:

  • The power of art when it meets advocacy.
  • How do you use limited resources and social media tools to take action and create a lasting impact.
  • When an unconference isn’t enough: using disruptive social media tactics to create change.

Regina Holliday is a Washington, D.C.-based patient-rights arts advocate.  Inspired by her husband Frederick Allen Holliday II and his struggle to get appropriate medical care, she embarked on an advocacy mission and began painting a series of murals depicting the need for clarity and transparency in medical records. Following her husband’s death from kidney cancer on June 17, 2009, Holliday painted a mural entitled “73 cents” depicting her family’s journey through the medical system. This painting became part of the national health-care debate and was covered by news sources such as ABC, CBS, BBC and peer-reviewed journals such as the BMJ. She will serve as the 2013 Medicine X artist-in-residence and will paint original works throughout the conference to document the events occurring both on and off stage.


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  • Deborah Boyce

    How exciting! Soooooo excited to finally meet this Master in person!

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