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Medicine X is a relationship-based conference that is intimate and friendly enough that anyone can and should feel comfortable speaking with anyone. You should expect that you will make some new friends at Medicine X, and learn a great deal in the process!

Regina Holliday inspired me to create a new program at Medicine X this year: walk and talk.

Combining physical activity (walking) with intellectual activity (talking) is the broad purpose of this initiative. Held during our 30 minute coffee breaks, these 20 minute walk and talk sessions will be led by our chief mascot and evalngelist, Zoë Chu. She will lead walk and talk groups across the Stanford Medical School campus to the B. Gerald Cantor Rodin Sculpture Garden, the world’s largest collection of Rodin bronzes outside of Paris.

We’ll be holding walk and talk sessions throughout the conference, and hope to see you there. Joining Zoë on her walk and talks will be many of her human friends, including speakers, master class instructors, and of course hopefully you!

Some walk and talkers who have already signed up include: Jack Andraka, Regina Holliday, Bertalan Meskó, Wendy Sue Swanson, Bryan Vartabedian, Sonny Vu, and Roni Zeiger. We hope to see you there as well!

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