Medicine X 2013 ePatient Honor Roll

At our annual ePatient retreat this weekend in Sausalito, California, our Medicine X advisors (Liza Bernstein, Hugo Campos, Nick Dawson, Britt Johnson, Sarah Kucharski, and Christopher Snider) had an opportunity to reflect on our 2013 Medicine X conference and plan for the future – Medicine X September 26-28, 2014.

We are excited to announce the opening of Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholarship applications for our 2014 conference in just a few days, Wednesday, November 25, 2013. We are blessed to have amazing ePatients involved with the Stanford Medicine X ePatient program each year and look forward to finding new voices to add to the conversation.

Although all of our ePatients scholars distinguished themselves in many ways at the conference, some voices who stood out in 2013 deserve special recognition and we honor them here as members of the Stanford Medicine X 2013 ePatient honor roll (listed alphabetically):

Emily Bradley – For her impact on the Medicine X community as an influencer; speaking about her condition and making it relatable across healthcare.

Alan Brewington – For being a prolific and influential voice; his focused and insightful conversation during the conference and his prolific reflections on the event in long form social media.

Nicole Estañol
– For standing with dignity for the challenges that young patients face; demonstrating courage and maturity in sharing her patient journey.

Katie McCurdy
– For modeling patients’ role and impact in healthcare design; for co-organizing a Medicine X participatory design workshop; for demonstrating leadership and engagement in the IDEO Design Challenge.

Joseph Riffe
– For demonstrating integrity and empowerment; for inspiring change in others and illustrating how to be a persistently disruptive, yet positive advocate for his community.

Michael Weiss
– For being an influencer by doggedly capturing Medicine X community voices and disseminating original content through social media.

Theresa Wingham
– For standing for the person within the illness; for demonstrating dedication and caring for the conference’s ePatient community.

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    Woooow!! What an amazing news!!! I love them and as you said, they changed my life!! Congrats guys!!!

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