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Its official, applications for the 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient program are now closed. We received a record-breaking number of applications this year, a 64% increase in applications compared to 2013. In addition, we are seeing a broader international cohort of ePatients applying to our groundbreaking ePatient program that aims to bring patients to Stanford Medicine X to engage and share in the event from the audience, on the stage, and in the actual planning of the conference.

This year 83% of applications originated from ePatients residing in the United States, with 7% from Canada, 3% from Mexico, 3% from South Africa, 2% from Australia and 1% from Spain.

I realize how much effort, self-reflection, heart and soul went into each application. On behalf of Medicine X I want to thank each of you who took the time to share your story with us. We are deeply honored by your efforts and aim to treat your work with the highest respect as we begin the difficult process of sorting and ranking applications for acceptance into our 2014 program.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working diligently with the Stanford Medicine X ePatient advisory panel to evaluate and rank each application in an anonymous and needs-blind fashion. Only after applications are ranked on merit do considerations for financial scholarships enter the picture.

Please join me in thanking the talented group of passionate, empowered patients who applied to our 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient program! Please follow our Facebook page and website for more details as we get ready to announce our selections for 2014!

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  • sherry reynolds @cascadia

    Congrats to the entire MedX Team – and the ground breaking work you are doing. As someone who attended the very first event at Stanford I knew that it was a game changer and I am to happy to see it continues to grow and evolve. Very few people really grasp how an idea like patient centered design being implemented at a conference can sow the seeds of culture change.

    p.s anyone who follows me or my posts knows that i am very authentic and never “suck up” so I really honestly believe that this event more than any technology is what will change our health care system to be more patient centered.

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