Medicine X Live! Hangout and tweetchat on student perspectives in digital health and medicine

Join us here on Tuesday, January 14 at 8:30 pm ET | 7:30 pm CT | 5:30 pm PT for a live Google Hangout and Tweet Chat with a panel of special guests including Larry Chu, MD, Emily Bradley, Anna Clemenson, Nicole Estañol, Matthew Erlendson, Roheet Kakaday, and Nicholas Vu. The topic of this session will be students and Medicine X, moderated by Larry Chu, MD with Sarah Kucharski hosting the live tweetchat. We’ll broadcast the hangout via Google+. You can view the archive of the live broadcast below.

What does the digital health landscape look like to students who will be leading healthcare practice and innovation tomorrow? We’ll hear from an interdisciplinary panel composed of students and ePatient students on their views of how technology might be thoughtfully used to enhance learning, collaboration, and clinical practice.

How to join in the discussion

Larry Chu, MD, Executive Director of Medicine X, will moderate a panel discussion during the live tweetchat. To participate in the conversation on Twitter search for hashtag #MedX or use a tweet chat service like The chat can also be viewed on the Stanford Medicine X YouTube channel. Sarah Kucharski will be online on Twitter, facilitating the live tweetchat.

Don’t worry only the panelists will be featured on screen, so you don’t have to be camera ready to join in the fun.

Panelists include:

  • Emily Bradley, 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar and student at Florida State University
  • Anna Clemenson, BS, Medicine X 2014 student advisor, AIM Lab alumna and current student at the Duke University School of Nursing
  • Nicole Estañol, 2013 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar and student at California State University, Long Beach
  • Matthew Erlendson, BS, Medicine X 2014 student advisor, AIM Lab alumni and current student at the Yale University School of Medicine
  • Francisco J. Grajales III, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Roheet Kakaday, BS, Medicine X 2014 student advisor, author of the blog The Biopsy, and current student at the OHSU School of Medicine
  • Nicholas Vu, Medicine X 2014 student advisor, current student at the UCSD School of Pharmacy

If you are new to social media, learn how you might start to engage in Twitter for realtime discussion online with the healthcare community.

Audience members are welcome to ask additional questions beyond these topics using Twitter and the #MedX hashtag. Our hangout producer, Sarah Kucharski (@AfternoonNapper) will be manning the Twitter feeds to make sure our online audience has a chance to interact with our Medicine X Live! guests.

*Please note this is a live broadcast. There will be 2-3 minute or more delays between real-time events and the online livestream due to video and server processing of the broadcast. Therefore tweets published by panelists during their participation in the virtual Google Hangout studio will precede what you see in the video stream. Responses of the panelists are not scripted in advance nor are they edited by Stanford Medicine X staff and reflect the opinions of the individual panelist.

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