2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Selections Announced

I’m so proud to announce selections for the 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholars program. The process of selection was a lengthy one that involved the participation of the entire 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Advisory Panel (Liza Bernstein, Hugo Campos, Nick Dawson, Britt Johnson, Sarah Kucharski and Christopher Snider).

Please note that in the event some of the selected ePatients cannot attend the conference (e.g. due to health reasons), we may allow candidates on our waiting list to take their place or elect to leave a position unfilled if a suitable candidate cannot be found. Please also note that ePatient advisory panel members are selected by the Executive Director to be included in the ePatient Scholar program.

Our 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar program selections are listed in alphabetical order below (* indicates a 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Advisory Panel Member):

Karen Anaid Soli Gonzalez
Liza Bernstein*
Emily Bradley
Alan Brewington
Marvin Calderon Jr.
Hugo Campos*
Julie Cerrone
Matthew Charron
Rachel Crooks
Matthew Dudley
Marie Ennis-O’Connor
Nikki Estanol
Janet Freeman-Daily
Heather Gabel
Meredith Gould
Sarah Han
Teigan Hockman
Meredith Hurston
Britt Johnson*
Doug Kanter
Sarah Kucharski*
Kerri MacKay
Annette McKinnon
Carly Medosch
Nisha Pradhan
Ryan Prior
Eileen Propp
Joe Riffe
Leslie Rott
Jody Schoger
Chris Snider*
Dorinda Sparacio
Alicia Staley
Scott Strange
Kim Vlasnik

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  • Carly Medosch

    Thank you so much to the advisory team. It seems like your workload has more than doubled since MedX started and I know you all have lives, and medical issues of your own to deal with so the time and energy expended on this effort is truly astounding. I know it is a labor of love, but wanted to acknowledge how much actual labor goes in to your work.

    I’m extremely excited to attend this year and see everyone and learn from the great mentors.

    If you applied, but your name is not on this list, please do not be discouraged. Last year, I took off work on Friday and followed the entire conference online and on Twitter. It wasn’t the same as being there, but it was a great way to still be involved, learn and have an opportunity to be part of the conversation. And don’t forget to reapply for 2015!

  • Reply

    Honored and excited to learn more with and from this group. Next up: learning more about everyone on this list!

  • sherry reynolds @cascadia

    Can’t wait to see their twitter handles and profiles.. Happy to help encourage and support any of this years scholars from the alumni club.

    If you need a private online community space I can also host that for you if needed.

  • Carly

    I’ve compiled a list of the Twitter accounts I could find. I think I am missing 3 or 4.


  • FacingCancer.ca

    Congratulations to you all! ~Catherine

  • Joe Riffe

    I am beyond honored and excited to be chosen to attend MedX again. Last year was one of the highlights of my life, I was able to learn more in the 3 days at MedX than I knew was possible. I can’t way to further expand my education and meet with other outstanding ePatients.

  • mmhurston

    I’m very excited and honored to have been selected to participate. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and absorbing as much as I can.

  • Tracy Zervakis

    Congratulations Everyone !! I look forward to seeing you all at Stanford.

    Special Congrats to Scott Strange & Alicia Staley !!! You both are not only exceptional

    EPatients,you are diligent about helping other patients find their way in one of the worst

    times in their lives and improve Health Care in the process.

    There is not a higher calling.

    The world is a better place because of MEDX, Dr. Larry Chu and his team’s vision and mission.

    Thank you all so very much.

    The ripple effect of your personal stories and actions touch and change more lives than you

    will ever know.

    Kudos to you all !!!

  • jmwylie

    Congrats to all!
    Wish I could be there again this year!

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