Medicine X 2014 ePatient Honor Roll

At our annual ePatient retreat in Santa Rosa, California, our Medicine X advisors (Hugo Campos, Jamia Crockett, Nick Dawson, Britt Johnson, Sarah Kucharski, and Christopher Snider) had an opportunity to reflect on our 2014 Medicine X conference and plan for the future – Medicine X September 25-27, 2015.

Medicine X | Stanford is incredibly fortunate to attract the world’s leading ePatients to co-create and participate with us at our event each year.

Although all of our ePatient scholars distinguished themselves in many ways at the conference, some voices who stood out in 2014 deserve special recognition and we honor them here as members of the Stanford Medicine X 2014 ePatient honor roll (listed alphabetically):

Marvin Calderon, Jr.

For demonstrating relentless enthusiasm and an infectious spirit of openness along his patient journey; for realizing his role as an advocate and uniting a diverse community.
twitter-bird-16x16 @marvincalderon

Matthew Dudley

For embracing transformation and exhibiting tremendous insight and empathy; for providing hope for the future of medicine never to be defined by assumption or exclusion and living head up, heart strong.
twitter-bird-16x16 @dudleyhuhs

Meredith Hurston

For being an insightful and authentic leader; for collaborating with community though never defining community with a single definition.
twitter-bird-16x16 @meredithhurston

Doug Kanter

For being a doer who embodies the designer and innovator’s spirit; for inspiring others to be care partners and create their own solutions.
twitter-bird-16x16 @dougkanter

Scott Strange

For being genuine and willing to take on personal risk by openly representing commonly stigmatized patients; for caring about others’ well-being and balancing strength with vulnerability.
twitter-bird-16x16 @strangely_t1

Kim Vlasnik

For evolving with courage and confidence to become a powerhouse advocate; for asserting that patients and their diagnoses must be treated with dignity.
twitter-bird-16x16 @txtngmypancreas

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