Stanford Medicine X and White House co-create workshop on partnership in research

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Stanford Medicine X is excited to be working with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to co-host a special design workshop, to be held on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at the White House. This special event will focus on engaging participants as partners in research, a core principle of the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

The workshop is designed to identify what’s working in research, strengthen the community of innovators in this space, and accelerate progress of engagement in research. This day-long event will feature a series of Ignite! talks focused on various aspects of the research process, and will be followed by a design thinking session facilitated by health care designers.

We’re excited to continue the conversation beyond the workshop, and including the Medicine X community in further discussions at our conference in September.

EI-tier-4RIn addition, this workshop meets all the requirements for the tier 4 of Stanford Medicine X’s Everyone Included™ convening charter. The charter, along with implementation tools and design principles, aim to create an environment in which all relevant stakeholders are included and everyone’s expertise is valued. Among the invited participants are patients, students, entrepreneurs, educators, policy makers, government officials, publishers and researchers from around the world.

About the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy:
OSTP’s mission is to provide the President and his senior staff with accurate, relevant, and timely scientific and technical advice on all matters of consequence; to ensure that the policies of the Executive Branch are informed by sound science; and to ensure that the scientific and technical work of the Executive Branch is properly coordinated so as to provide the greatest benefit to society.

About Everyone Included™:
Everyone Included™ is a framework for health care innovation, implementation and transformation based on principles of mutual respect and inclusivity. It is the culmination of six years of co-creation with patients, caregivers, providers, technologists, and researchers at Stanford Medicine X that has resulted in a series of design and leadership principles intended to drive collaborative healthcare innovation efforts. Our work has been field tested and iteratively improved over the past six years at our Stanford programs and convenings worldwide.

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  • Franco A.

    A little late with this comment, but this sounded awesome. Would love to read a follow up post on how the workshop went. Thanks for sharing!

  • Alan

    I think more of these workshops are needed, especially when technology and health services advance as quickly as they do. World leaders need to be up to speed on every innovation possible! TIMELY scientific advice is extremely important and will be for the foreseeable future. I started a blog for this very reason. Nice article.

  • Andrew Jackson

    Was made aware of the activities of this workshop via a friend, who attended last fall. He described the event as innovative, informative and well coordinated. Looking forward to learning more.

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