Diana Chingos, MS, MFA
Breast cancer survivor and patient/reviewer mentor, PCORI

About Me

Diana Chingos, MS, MFA

Ms. Chingos, a survivor of early onset breast cancer, led the Cancer Survivorship Advisory Council at the University of Southern California from 1999 until 2013, representing patients on the Cancer Center’s Executive Committee. She serves as a Patient Advocate in Research on numerous breast cancer research studies, on the NCI’s Investigational Drugs and Patient Advocate Steering Committees and as an advisor to the NCI/NIEHS Breast Cancer Environmental Research Program. She also is a current IRB member.  She earned a Masters Degree in Health Administration in 2010 and since 2012 has reviewed grants for PCORI and mentored new patient and stakeholder reviewers. Patient-centeredness in research, she says, “means the empowerment of patients and validated strategies and tools for the healthcare practitioners and systems caring for them.”


At Medicine X 2015

Friday, September 27 2:25 pm (Plenary Hall)
Part 4: Involving patients in research, the PCORI story
How can we jump-start research by involving patients in the process? How can investigators work with patients to achieve more robust science and improve health outcomes? What outcomes are important to... Read more
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