Noble Ackerson
Co-Founder, Byte an Atom Research

About Me

Noble Ackerson is Co-Founder at Byte an Atom Research. Prior to founding the team at Byte an Atom, he created GlassFit, the world’s first virtual fitness companion for Google Glass. Featured in the Washington Business Journal and Geek, this fitness platform is pushing the limits of guided exercise routines with wearable devices. Among many accomplishments, he brings a great mix of technical breadth, leadership, a creative vision and a passion for building out a strong Glass community. Earlier this year, he founded the Society of Glass Enthusiasts, a group of federated Glass communities with over 25 chapters and 2,100+ members worldwide.

Byte an Atom Research is a Virginia based research and development company focusing on software and hardware accessories in the wearable computing space. The goal to rapidly build and test out new ideas with emerging technologies. Our maiden product XFit (Formally GlassFit) allows you to subscribe, schedule and send fitness routines in various categories to Google Glass and other wearable devices. So now you can get a reminder to get up and stretch after hours of being sedintary at work or subscribe to a stretch of the day as you rehabilitate from cardiac surgery with our XFit Zen product.



At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 29 11:00 am (LK 101)
Google Glass + Medicine: opportunities and challenges for innovation in medicine
What is Glass? Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head mounted display device being developed by Google. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to hear from Google Glass... Read more
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