Carla Berg Nelson
Health Factavist, Innovation Evangelist for @s4pm & Clear Impressions

About Me

Carla is a former print columnist (Knight-Ridder), a former forum leader and virtual talk show host (Mind-Brain Sciences, CompuServe), and a veteran communications strategist who has eased cross-platform dialogue between professionals and bridged between experts and layfolk for many years. A skilled sci-tech commentator and social media strategist, she has long tracked converging trends in health, science, technology, and innovation and behavior change. Recently a citizen NIH grant reviewer (via and highly active in the Society for Participatory Medicine, she designed and launched the @s4pmforum, the group's first online community. Since moving to Arizona, she has held fellowships at the University of Arizona in the Department of Psychology (social media) and the School of Medicine (telehealth), served as client lead for a business devlopment team of MBA students at the Eller School of Management. Today, she maintains a health-focused feed @confluently on Twitter, where she also streams as @InnoCiter, exploring conjunctions between the changing world of healthcare and the changing world of business.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 28 2:05 pm (LK 101)
From data to knowledge: Let's explore the role of patient generated data in the clinical environment
Patients are awash in data, from self-tracking and online diagnosing tools, to evidence collected in patient communities and online. So how can savvy doctors and patients partner to convert this data into... Read more
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