Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH
Geriatrician, Blogger, and Caregiver Educator

About Me

I'm a practicing geriatrician in San Francisco with a particular interest in helping family caregivers. I have a small solo housecalls and geriatrics consultation practice.

I also have a background in public health and quality improvement, and have a long-standing interest in improving primary care for the community-dwelling elderly. My scholarly research has been published in JAMA and the Journal for Medical Internet Research. I completed residency, clinical fellowship, and research fellowship at UCSF, and am currently a Clinical Instructor in the Division of Geriatrics at UCSF.

I'm especially intrigued by tech innovations that can be used by in-the-trenches healthcare providers, and by elders and their families.


At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 28 2:05 pm (LK 101)
From data to knowledge: Let's explore the role of patient generated data in the clinical environment
Patients are awash in data, from self-tracking and online diagnosing tools, to evidence collected in patient communities and online. So how can savvy doctors and patients partner to convert this data into... Read more
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