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About Me

My name is Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD and I graduated from the University of Debrecen, Medical School and Health Science center with Weszprémy Award as a medical doctor in 2009 and finished PhD in the field of clinical genomics focusing on the pharmacogenomic applications of autoimmune conditions in 2012 with summa cum laude.

I’m a medical futurist with a mission to fill the gap between healthcare and digital technologies.

I’m the managing director and founder of, the first service that curates the medical and health-related social media resources free of charge for patients and medical professionals. I’ have given over 300 presentations from the Yale, Stanford and Harvard University to the centre of the World Health Organization and the Futuremed course organized by the Singularity University; and also a health 2.0 consultant for pharma and medical technology companies. included me in the Future Health Top 100 list.

I’m the author of the multiple award-winning medical blog,; and the founder and lecturer of the Social Media in Medicine online and offline university credit course which is the first of its kind worldwide.

My work was mentioned by the World Health Organization, Nature Medicine, the New York Times, Al Jazeera, British Medical Journal and Wired Science, among others.

I’m a member of Mensa International and the Kairos Society; and an External advisor at Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.


At Medicine X 2015

Friday, September 27 3:40 pm (Plenary Hall)
Part 5: #Whatifhc Panel
Based on the hashtag #Whatifhc proposed by Michael Seid of the C3N Project, and discussed on Susannah Fox’s blog, we will challenge the Medicine X audience to propose their own, “What if healthcare…”... Read more
Saturday, September 28 9:05 am (Plenary Hall)
Core Theme 1: Social media strategies for healthcare
So much of what we do happens in a public space, living these public lives. This session is designed to help physicians, researchers, patients and all healthcare stakeholders understand the potential... Read more
Saturday, September 28 2:05 pm (LK 306)
Masterclass on teaching social media in the health sciences
Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD is the founder of Webicina. Berci will conduct a 90-minute Master Class on teaching social media in the health sciences. The final curriculum will be shaped by the learners themselves... Read more
Saturday, September 28 3:35 pm (Upper Lobby)
Coffee Break - Walk & Talk with Bertalan Meskó
Combining physical activity (walking) with intellectual activity (talking) is the broad purpose of this initiative. Held during our 30 minute coffee breaks, these 20 minute walk and talk sessions will... Read more
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