Ian Eslick
Managing Partner, Vital Reactor

About Me

Ian Eslick is an accomplished entrepreneur, computer scientist, and software architect who is currently finishing his PhD at the Media Laboratory as a Lybba Research Fellow. Mr. Eslick holds degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, and artificial intelligence. Eslick’s PhD work focuses on the practical and clinical value of aggregated self-experiments and how communities can use this to create virtuous feedback loops that inform decision making and influence clinical research. Central to this work is harnessing new sensor technologies for measuring and tracking our everyday lives. He is also partnered with the LAM (Lymphangioleiomyomatosis) Treatment Alliance in the development of LAMsight, a data sharing platform for LAM patients, clinicians and researchers. Eslick holds over a dozen patents and serves as an adviser to startup companies, non-profits and venture capital firms.

At Medicine X 2015

Friday, September 27 12:10 pm (Plenary Hall)
Part 3: The self-tracking patient
Self-tracking involves the collection of any data that can be measured about one’s self over time. Focusing on the incorporation of technology into data acquisition, the session will present forecasts... Read more
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