Sean Young, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, UCLA

About Me

Sean Young, PhD, MS is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at UCLA. His work focuses on health behavior change and patient engagement— on the design and evaluation of mobile technology interventions for community and global health. He has published a number of studies in top academic journals on this work suggesting how social networking communities and social media can be used to predict and change health behaviors in the United States and international settings. His clinical work for the Department of Family Medicine is focused on developing technologies to increase patient engagement and improve health outcomes. Dr. Young received his PhD in Psychology from Stanford University.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 28 2:25 pm (LK 120)
Social networking technologies for HIV prevention
Background Social networking technologies are newly emerging tools that can be used for HIV prevention.ObjectiveDetermine whether social networking communities can be created to increase HIV testing among African American and Latino men... Read more
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