John "Ivo" Stivoric
Vice President of Research and Development, Jawbone

About Me

Ivo Stivoric, an innovator and visionary in multi-sensor wearables who is internationally recognized for his role in developing today’s consumer body monitoring category, is Jawbone’s Vice President of Research and Development. He is responsible for expanding Jawbone’s proprietary wearable and sensor technology into new health and wellness arenas for both consumer and healthcare applications.

As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of BodyMedia, acquired by Jawbone in 2013, Ivo has been a pioneer and leader in the development of wearable computing and wearable body monitors since 1999. His work has led directly to over 90 patents, broad adoption of wearable computing devices for consumer lifestyle management as well as medical research, and one of the largest living databases of raw and real-world human sensor data on the planet with more than 500 trillion sensor points collected and analyzed over 14 years.

Those achievements culminated in EE Times 40 honors as one of 40 innovators building the foundation of the next-gen electronics industry. Ivo’s background also includes serving as a co-founder of the Interaction Design Studio at the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems, and co-director of the awardwinning Mobile + Wearable Computing Design Studio at the Engineering Design Research Center – both at Carnegie Mellon University.  He holds an M.S. in Interaction Design with a concentration in Integrated Product Development, and a B.F.A. in Industrial Design with a concentration in sculpture, both from Carnegie Mellon.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 28 2:05 pm (Plenary Hall)
Health data in context: how smartphone-based lifelogging applications can unlock value from wearable wireless medical devices
We argue that smartphone-based lifelogging apps may hold the key to unlocking clinical value from wearable wireless medical devices. By using ordinary smartphones instead of specialized hardware, we believe... Read more
Sunday, September 29 2:10 pm (LK 130)
Beyond body monitoring: the next generation of health data analysis
With 160 million wearable body monitors expected to be sold in the consumer and medical markets annually over the next few years, the growing popularity of body monitoring is generating rich 24x7 health... Read more
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