Richard Rasansky
CEO, Yorn

About Me

Rick Rasansky is a patent-holding entrepreneur, technologist, and innovator with over two decades of leadership experience developing cutting edge companies spanning technology, software, wireless communications, financial & consumer services, hospitality and healthcare.

As a graduate of the Wharton School, Rick has a proven track record in building or re-focusing companies, with a core cultural focus on improving the customer experience. His current endeavor with Yorn leverages extensive experience in consumer and hospitality-focused businesses to give physicians, nurses and staff direct, timely, and actionable patient feedback that enable providers and payers to make appropriate operational changes that improve patient experience and satisfaction.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 28 4:20 pm (LK 130)
Using real-time feedback technology for assessing patient and staff satisfaction
Patient feedback is becoming a material component in the healthcare landscape, particularly as it impacts payment, reimbursement and performance metrics. Today, emerging information and technology innovations... Read more
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