Sonny Vu
Co-Founder, Misfit Wearables

About Me

Sonny Vu, PhD is the co-founder of Misfit Wearables, makers of wearable sensor products for wellness and medical applications. He is also the co-founder of AgaMatrix, which made the world¹s first hardware medical device (a glucose meter) that works with the iPhone, winner of the Red Dot Design Award, and has sold over 1 billion biosensors for people with diabetes. Previously, he was CTO of a software start-up where he invented a number of machine learning-assisted natural language processing technologies. He studied math (BS) at UIUC and linguistics (PhD) under Noam Chomsky at MIT.

At Medicine X 2015

Friday, September 27 12:10 pm (Plenary Hall)
Part 3: The self-tracking patient
Self-tracking involves the collection of any data that can be measured about one’s self over time. Focusing on the incorporation of technology into data acquisition, the session will present forecasts... Read more
Friday, September 27 3:10 pm (Upper Lobby)
Coffee Break - Walk & Talk with Sonny Vu
Combining physical activity (walking) with intellectual activity (talking) is the broad purpose of this initiative. Held during our 30 minute coffee breaks, these 20 minute walk and talk sessions will... Read more
Saturday, September 28 11:35 am (LK 306)
Masterclass on crowdfunding for health
Sonny Vu is the CEO of Misfit Wearables. Sonny will conduct a 90-minute Master Class on crowdfunding for health. The final curriculum will be shaped by the learners themselves through their course applications,... Read more
Saturday, September 28 2:05 pm (Plenary Hall)
Health data in context: how smartphone-based lifelogging applications can unlock value from wearable wireless medical devices
We argue that smartphone-based lifelogging apps may hold the key to unlocking clinical value from wearable wireless medical devices. By using ordinary smartphones instead of specialized hardware, we believe... Read more
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