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LK 102
Empathy-based innovation: Transforming diabetes care with peer-to-peer support
LK 102
Empathy-based innovation: Transforming diabetes care with peer-to-peer support
Project Leader and Senior Interaction Designer, CIID Consulting
Project Leader and Senior Interaction Designer at CIID Consulting
OverviewIn a qualitative research study for leading diabetes care provider, Novo Nordisk, CIID Consulting identified a critical factor in successful diabetes treatment: When patients’ emotional needs... Read more



In a qualitative research study for leading diabetes care provider, Novo Nordisk, CIID Consulting identified a critical factor in successful diabetes treatment: When patients’ emotional needs are addressed, they are more empowered to make lifestyles changes that contribute to better disease management. It’s a simple insight but one that inspired Novo Nordisk to re-examine its mission to “change diabetes” and support patients better.


CIID designed a novel approach that examined the networks of personal and professional support that emerge around individual patients. The result was a rich and emotional view into the complex interactions and relationships encompassing a patient’s journey with diabetes. By creating a research framework that looked beyond traditional modes of health care delivery, the approach ultimately provided the team with a more holistic view of diabetes management, enabling them to identify systemic gaps and define opportunities for more empathetic approaches to diabetes care.


Following the research, CIID Consulting continued to partner with Novo Nordisk’s Global Marketing team to design and develop a new service offering that pairs online and offline support for people with type-2 diabetes. The service solution elevates the emotional well being of people with type-2 diabetes by facilitating peer-to-peer patient connections and providing practical tools for coping with the complexity of a changing lifestyle. Additionally, the service helps participants create individualized “Care Maps” of local community services and activities, creating a ubiquitous layer of support throughout a patient’s everyday routines.

Following a detailed design phase of the service platform CIID Consulting worked collaboratively with Novo Nordisk to develop a business strategy to ensure the service was sustainable and would provide value to patients and its service delivery partners. The team built the service business model, defined a launch plan and developed a communication strategy for Novo Nordisk to share the new initiative internally. The outcome has fostered new organizational thinking on how to bring innovative ideas to market at Novo Nordisk.

Please view the link below to view a high level concept video.


Presentation Focus

This presentation will provide details on how CIID Consulting and Novo Nordisk used insights onpatient care and behavior to inspire a new healthcare service that has the potential to significantly improve how people with diabetes navigate their care. Furthermore we believe there is an inspiring story to be told about how designers, as natural entrepreneurs, can help corporations innovate in the healthcare space by rethinking how ideas are brought to market.  This case study will demonstrate how a user-centred design approach can help organizations think openly and provocatively to bring new ideas into the world, that will foster positive change in the healthcare system.

Eilidh is an experienced Interaction Designer with expertise in leading creative innovation projects both for the public and private sector. Core to the solutions she creates are products and services that embody digital and physical interactions, and humanise technology.

Eilidh works on projects that fall across contexts covering near-future mobility, workplace transformation, social media platforms, as well as tackling complex issues such as obesity, behaviour change and insulin delivery for base-of-the-pyramid users. Through these projects she has led international research studies, created future visions and provided strategic recommendations for product development and mapped end to end systems and services.

Eilidh has a Bsc in Product Design and graduated with distinction from the Interaction Design Pilot Year at CIID. Her skills blend systemic thinking, hands-on prototyping, and compelling storytelling. Eilidh focuses on involving key stakeholders in the innovation process in order to build a sense of shared ownership to make ideas easier to adopt when they move across different teams in the development process.

Helle Rohde Andersen is a Project Leader and Senior Interaction Designer at CIID Consulting. Designing engaging experiences and successful products that bring value to people, requires empathy, clarity and creativity. Helle brings these capabilities to every project, collaborating with teams and clients to address challenges within technology and business, and providing genuine value to people.

In her work at CIID Consulting, she is focused on helping clients better understand their customers and turning that understanding into business value and impact through new strategies for products and services. Helle has led and contributed to design and innovation projects across a variety of contexts and industries. Some of these include strategies for smart packaging, experience and interaction design for a new product category within home entertainment, and service design within the healthcare sector.

Helle studied Information Studies at Aarhus University, and holds a Masters Degree in Interaction Design. Before joining CIID Consulting, Helle co-founded an award winning fashion startup and worked for the Danish innovation agency, Hatch & Bloom.

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