1:05 - 2:05 pmFriday, September 5
Upper Lobby
Device & App Demonstration Lunch
Upper Lobby
Device & App Demonstration Lunch
Today’s technology grants patients an unprecedented level of control over their health. With the help of the latest biometric hardware and self-tracking software, patients can collect and analyze their... Read more


Today’s technology grants patients an unprecedented level of control over their health. With the help of the latest biometric hardware and self-tracking software, patients can collect and analyze their personal health data, understand their health habits, and make informed lifestyle changes. Seeking to raise awareness about these empowering technologies, we invite technologists and digital developers to demonstrate their creations during the Friday lunch break.

A perennial favorite at Medicine X, this lunchtime session gives conference attendees a chance to interact with the innovators behind the technologies changing health and medicine. The device demonstration lunch gives leading technology companies and personalized healthcare startups a chance to educate self-tracking novices and seasoned veterans alike.

Participating companies and developers include:

Misfit Wearables (Shine) - Elegant and resilient hardware, intuitive software to keep you on track. The Shine is a diminutive, wearable personal tracking device that syncs with the Shine application to help you monitor your progress towards achieving health goals. 

Ginger.io - Ginger.io's Android and iPhone apps use data from your phone to safely and securely watch for days when your health may take a hit. Ginger.io then connects you with care providers who can step in when it matters most.

Cardiac Designs - ECG Check is the only FDA approved over the counter monitor that allows you to quickly and accurately monitor your heart rhythm. ECG Check gives you an affordable and reliable way to monitor your heart health at your finger tips. 

Fitbit - An integrated family of tools that transforms your health data into a personal portrait. Fitbit’s wireless trackers, smart scale, and mobile tools interact to show you the story behind the numbers.

GetBetter - By the developers of DoctorAtWork, Russia's largest physician online network, GetBetter is a nascent ePatient network linking chronic illness patients. GetBetter seeks to provide a collaborative forum for ePatients to discuss their health.

Lumo BodyTech - Stand tall and move more with Lumo BodyTech’s posture and activity trackers. The Lumo Lift, worn as a tiny magnetic clasp on your upper body, and Lumo Back, worn as a discreet belt around your waist, both track your body positions, gently vibrate when you slouch, count steps, calories, and mileage, to encourage small habit changes that add up to a big impact on your overall health.

DoctellaCreate meaningful patient-doctor partnerships by using technology to enhance the interaction between patients and their doctors. Doctella develops a list of questions specifically tuned for different surgeries and procedures that patients can use to ask important questions form their doctors. 

Yuzulabs - Yuzulabs helps make clinical, behavioral, and social research transparent and inclusive for all.

SproutelSproutel is starting the personal robot revolution beginning with healthcare. They are creating radically new ways to interface with technology to enhance the human experience and build intuitive products that work within our natural environment. 

PillPackPillPack is a full-service pharmacy that simplifies the process of managing medications through a combination of convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service. 

OxirateOxirate is a technologically innovative company in the field of non-invasive and remote health-monitoring systems. They merge the latest achievements in medical science with proprietary technologies to create the next generation of mobile fitness and healthcare products. 

Basehealth Basehealth helps integrate your genomic, lifestyle, and clinical data into the first platform to offer a truly comprehensive view of wellbeing all done in collaboration with your physician. 

GeriJoyGeriJoy provides cost-effective dementia care oversight and companionship via virtual, talking pets supervised by remote caregivers. They work to improve mood, health, and quality of care for the elderly. 

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