2:20 - 3:25 pmFriday, September 5
Plenary Hall
Part 4: The "No Smartphone" Patient
Plenary Hall
Part 4: The "No Smartphone" Patient
ePatient; Manager, Digital Marketing & Internal Communications
Executive Director, Center for Care Innovations
CEO, Medic Mobile
Medicine X ePatient
CEO and Co-Founder, Propeller Health
Some of us can scarcely imagine life without our smartphones, but many patients don't have the access, resources, or desire to embrace the latest digital technologies. What are the cultural, social, and... Read more


Some of us can scarcely imagine life without our smartphones, but many patients don't have the access, resources, or desire to embrace the latest digital technologies. What are the cultural, social, and economic barriers that prevent people from engaging fully with health-enhancing technologies? Are there ways to create community and innovate change without assuming or relying on smartphone ownership? We'll discuss these questions, and many other relevant issues, in a panel that includes some of the boldest thinkers and doers in the fields of urban, community, and global health.

Dana Lewis created and moderates the internationally-recognized #hcsm (health care communications and social media) conversation and community on Twitter. She is also the manager of digital marketing and internal communications for Swedish (in Seattle, Washington), where she implements social and digital health strategies across the organization both internally with employees and externally to connect with patients and improve the patient experience. She is passionate about using technology to facilitate conversations and collaboration to benefit our communities and improve health care. She frequently speaks, writes, and teaches on topics related to the implementation and utilization of social media across health care.

Veenu Aulakh is the Executive Director of the Center for Care Innovations (CCI). Veenu is responsible for the organization’s overall strategy, building critical partnerships, and helping to ensure CCI continues to make an impact in transforming safety net systems in California.

Before joining CCI, Veenu worked as a Senior Program Officer at the California HealthCare Foundation where she managed program related investments to organizations with innovations to lower the cost of care. She also led projects to improve the quality of primary care with an emphasis on information technology and patient engagement.

Veenu also held a number of positions within Kaiser Permanente related to improving quality of care, developing disease management programs, and increasing patient engagement. She also worked as a project manager with the diagnostics division of Abbott Laboratories.

Veenu received a bachelor’s degree in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan and a master’s of science in health policy and management from Harvard University. In her spare time Veenu enjoys traveling to foreign lands and biking and hiking up hills in San Francisco.

Josh Nesbit is firmly committed to serving a global community, having been inspired by volunteer village health workers in rural Malawi. As an international health and bioethics student at Stanford, Josh’s qualitative research focused on Pediatric HIV. He is an Echoing Green Fellow, PopTech Fellow, Rainer Arnhold Fellow, Strauss Scholar, and Haas Public Service Fellow. Josh’s role is to connect people, spearhead partnerships, and let the world know what Medic is all about. 

Erin Gilmer is a health policy attorney in Austin, Texas.  Since 1999 she has been diagnosed with 4 autoimmune diseases and 17 chronic health conditions, has had 5 surgeries, while seeking and engaging in innovative solutions in health care and technology.

Ms. Gilmer is dedicated to patient advocacy and providing a voice for those who struggle with health and economic issues.  Early in her career she worked on legislation to expand Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program in the Texas State Legislature. She has also served as a guardian ad litem and a victim advocate for the Denver District Attorney’s office, worked on Medicaid appeals for foster children, and educated providers on services for low income individuals.

Ms. Gilmer believes health is a human right and pursues the realization of this right in all her endeavors including her blog at www.healthasahumanright.wordpress.com, on Twitter @GilmerHealthLaw, and as part of The Walking Gallery.

David Van Sickle, PhD, is the co-founder and CEO of Asthmapolis, a Madison, WI based company that is pioneering effective new disease management solutions for asthma and chronic respiratory disease. Previously, Van Sickle was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. From 2004-2006, he was an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, where he was assigned to the Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Branch. Van Sickle received his PhD in medical anthropology from the University of Arizona in 2004. In 2011, he was named a Champion of Change by the White House for his work on innovation.

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