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Weaving relationships
Lower Lobby
Weaving relationships
Interaction and service designer at CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Laura Boffi is an interaction and service designer. She is interested in researching how people create their own culture around the context in which they inhabit and the objects they use, often by appropriating in a spontaneous and very meaningful way the material and technology artifacts they are surrounded by.

One of her main fascination has been medicine and how the progress of science has been changing the way people experience life and death. Driven by this research interest, Laura developed her final thesis in Interaction Design at CIID around palliative care and terminal illness, co-designing an alternative and symbolic patient journey with the staff, patients and caregivers of an hospice in Rome, Italy.

Her background is in product design. She earned her BA in Industrial Design from Politecnico of Torino, Italy and her MA in Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, program Man and Humanity. Finally she completed the Interaction Design Program at CIID where she could widen her attitude towards design through people centered research and design research process.

While being a researcher at CIID, Laura is pursuing her goal of setting up her own studio in Rome and of introducing design research in public sectors in Italy, such as health care.

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