Nick Dawson
Stanford Medicine X ePatient Advisory Panel Member

About Me

Nick Dawson believes that healthcare is about humans taking care of other humans, and there’s no other industry like it. He has spent most of his career following his passion for continually improving how we do the work of caring for others. 

In his view, patient experiences and staff happiness should be the top priority. When it is, everything else follows. 

Today, he is focused on helping health systems develop a modern strategic focus based on human-centered design. When we work openly and collaboratively, always with patients and staff at the center of our work, good things follow—revenue, loyalty, outcomes, quality and happiness. 

He also tracks disruptive innovations in healthcare and other industries and works with hospitals to apply the same thinking to their strategic plans. 

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 7 8:10 am (Plenary Hall)
Update from the ePatient world
As President-Elect of the Society for Participatory Medicine's Executive Committee,  Nick Dawson will provide an update on SPM's work and progress over the past year. Read more
Sunday, September 7 10:30 am (Plenary Hall)
IDEO Design Challenge
Join us for a debriefing of our pre-conference IDEO Design Challenge workshop, as participants share their new discoveries about design thinking and patient empowerment. Read more
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