Gilles Frydman
Co-founder & Chair, Smart Patients

About Me

Gilles Frydman is a pioneer of medical online communities. He is the founder in 1995 of the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR), the largest online social network for cancer patients, composed of nearly 200 support groups for individuals with cancer. ACOR has served over 600,000 cancer patients and their caregivers to optimize patient care, for which Frydman was named by CNN in 2008 as one of six Empowered Patient’s Health Heroes.

He blogs regularly at, is a frequent speaker to health care audiences in the US and France, and has appeared in many publications ranging from the British Medical Journal to the Wall Street Journal.

He is a member of the Cook’s Branch Initiative, a group formed by the late Dr. Tom Ferguson to promote participatory medicine; and with this group is a co-founder of the Society for Participatory Medicine and currently serves as its vice president. He serves on a number of advocacy and advisory committees in support of patient-centered computing, consults for Internet-based corporations and startup initiatives, and has received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study and disseminate information about online patient resources.

His most recent projects are related to the ways in which online environments can be used to facilitate and improve health care, particularly for people suffering from rare and deadly conditions.


At Medicine X 2015

Thursday, September 4 8:00 am (Paul Brest Hall West)
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