Joyce Lee
Associate Professor, University of Michigan

About Me

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH (“Doctor as Designer”) is a patient-centered design thinking evangelist, and a social media and technology enthusiast from the University of Michigan. As a pediatrician, diabetes specialist, and researcher, she is passionate about the notion that patient-centered participatory design combined with emerging technologies like social media, and mobile technology can transform the clinical research enterprise and the delivery of clinical care.

She is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School and the Department of Environmental Sciences at the School of Public Health and sees patients and families at Mott Hospital. The main focus of her research is on pediatric diabetes and obesity, and she uses a variety of methodologies to study these areas, including epidemiologic analyses, modeling techniques, applied clinical research, cost- effectiveness analysis, and social media/mobile technology.

She is a co-creator of, a collaborative innovation network of individuals promoting participatory design and the creation or “making” of health by a community and she is co-director of the Mott Mobile Technology Program for Enhancing Child Health. She also serves as Social Media/Web Editor for JAMA Pediatrics. She blogs about design and health at encourages you to follow her on Twitter! and would love for you to join the health + design community here:

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 6 11:50 am (LK 102)
Exploring social media participation of a diabetes community on Twitter
BackgroundA growing community of patients with diabetes, healthcare providers and health professionals and organizations are participating on online social media platforms. We are unaware of research studies... Read more
Saturday, September 6 12:35 pm (LK 101)
Redesigning the food allergy experience: pediatrician moms innovate through social media and participatory design
Food allergies are a life-threatening illness affecting over 6% of children and 3% of adults in the US. Among food allergic children, 38.7% have a had a history of severe food-induced reaction, and it... Read more
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