Martin Ostlund
PhD Student, Linnaeus University

About Me

Martin Östlund is a lecturer and PhD student at Linnaeus University. He teaches classes in user interface design and human-computer interaction as well as graphical design. Formally head of the development department at the IT unit at University of Kalmar and lead teacher for the programming subject at the systems developer program at University of Kalmar, he has a solid background and undiminished interest in systems development (process and content) and programming practices.

Martin Östlund is affiliated to the eHealth Institute since 2003 and has worked on various project within the domain of eHealth. Examples include 3D/VR-related projects such as Virtual Labour Lab and The Virtual Pharmacy and the SUVevaluation method used by the eHealth Institute (for which he is one of the co-writers). Martin Östlund was Project Director for Kalmar VR Centre 2004-2008.

More recent research interests are in the field of web architecture and social interaction services with special interest for advice-giving services within the field of medicine and healthcare. Martin Östlund leads the Social Layer project whose ambition is to develop a web-based framework for separation of content and social interaction. A series of proof-of-concept applications have been created in the field of medical advice-giving.

Current projects include a collaboration with the oncology department at Kalmar County Hospital on the use of computer tablets for patient-health provider communication, and methods for flexible learning in the Expert Competence project.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 6 2:20 pm (LK 102)
Web-enriched medical counseling over the phone
BackgroundIn Sweden there is a national telephone based service called 1177, through which members of the public can receive medical counseling from a registered nurse. The same  organization hosts an... Read more
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