Jeff Rubin
VP Behavioral Operations, Accolade

About Me

Jeff Rubin, who joined Accolade at its founding in 2007, was instrumental in developing the company's model for working with people. The go-to person for anything related to Behavioral Health Operations, Jeff guides the company in how best to engage and influence clients. 

Jeff’s role includes the ongoing “care and feeding” of Accolade's engagement model, as he oversees the development and continuous improvement of processes and capabilities related to behavioral health. Providing tools and training to Health Assistants and Stewards is also part of his job.

Prior to joining Accolade, Jeff was VP, Clinical Operations, for CIGNA Behavioral Health for 15 years and, earlier, he was chief psychologist at Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Jeff also has maintained a private practice in psychotherapy since 1983.

Jeff holds a doctorate in education, as well as a master of arts and master of science, all from Columbia University. He completed post-doctoral training in Organizational Development and Consultation through a joint program of William Alanson White Institute and Wharton.

At Medicine X 2015

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Sunday, September 7 1:50 pm (LK 120)
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