Felix Jackson
Founder, medDigital

About Me

  • Felix Jackson trained as an Anaesthesiologist in the UK gaining his MRCP with the Royal College of Anaesthetists. He then joined Doctors.net.uk, the largest physician community in the UK, as the Secondary Care Editor. He then became a Pharmaceutical Physician in HIV for GlaxoSmithKline, ending up specializing in digital health working as the Medical Director of the European Digital Centre of Excellence and within the R&D Digital Medical Communications team. He then founded medDigital, a digital technology company, to focus on revolutionizing healthcare with digital communications.  

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 6 11:50 am (LK 304)
Workshop: Rx for change: The adoption of social media in the pharmaceutical industry
The Internet has fundamentally changed the way healthcare is provided. A change that is clearly apparent to patients and physicians. But a change that leaves many people in the Pharmaceutical Industry... Read more
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