Kendra Markle
Stanford Prevention Research Center

About Me

Kendra Markle designs health tech products for behavior change. She has extensive experience modeling patient behavior patterns, designing health coaching methodologies and using wearables, sensors & mobile apps to help patients create new habits and break old ones. Her programs address the underlying emotional & social aspects of lasting behavior change and use technology to make solutions scalable and cost-effective for everyone. Her recent work involves designing digital avatar coaches that help change the psychology and behaviors that contribute to pressing health problems, like obesity and stress. So much chronic disease can be prevented or even reversed with big lifestyle changes but behavior change is a tough and complex process and existing apps & tools aren’t very effective. New context-aware coaching methods are the key to enabling patients to make lasting change in their own behavior and technology makes it affordable and accessible to everyone. This is truly a time to understand how to use technology to motivate and coach behavior change that solves big problems and to scale up programs that really work. This is Kendra’s mission. Kendra’s background includes a decade of producing & testing patient wellness pilot programs with Kaiser Permanente and other clinical care teams, ongoing health behavior research at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and bio-medical engineering degrees from MIT. Kendra is a dynamic teacher & frequent speaker at industry conferences. 

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 7 11:00 am (LK 304)
Workshop: The art and science of patient-centered behavior change
In this workshop, we’ll summarize and discuss technology-based techniques for healthy behavior change that research has shown to actually work and the challenges and promise of mastering the process... Read more
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