Sarah Han
BA, ePatient Scholar

About Me

In 2011, Sarah Han had a post-discharge surgical site infection. This painful experience made her realize that there are gaps in the healthcare system and patients have meaningful information to address them. So, she became a patient advisor on a research project that was still in its beginning stages. Using her patient experience as expertise, Sarah brings a patient-centered approach to the project's methods and ensures that things most important to the patient are always represented. Sarah comes to Medicine X humbled and excited to engage with a community that also believes in the power of the patient experience in medical research.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 6 2:20 pm (LK 130)
We are not waiting - how ePatients can take medical devices (and healthcare) to the next level
What if we didn't have to rely on medical device manufacturers to innovate in order to improve the quality of life for patients? What if patients could take their existing medical devices and use new applications... Read more
Sunday, September 7 1:30 pm (LK 102)
My experience in becoming a patient expert on a clinical research team
Post-Op Problems: I always thought about my healthcare in a straightforward way: see the doctor, follow directions, get better; this plan, however, does not always work. Approximately two years ago, I... Read more
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