Jordan Shlain
Founder, Healthloop

About Me

Dr. Jordan Shlain is a primary care doctor and respected thought leader in national health policy. He is best known in the health community as an advocate for both the well-being of physicians and patients.  

Dr. Shlain sits on the board of the bi-partisan Washington, D.C. Hope Street Group, and is a Mayoral appointed Commissioner on the Health Service Systems Board of San Francisco. He is an advisor to the Aspen Institute and serves on the board of WildAid (ending illegal wild life trade: when the buying stops, the killing can too) and is chairman of the Institute for Responsible Nutrition’s (sugar is the new tobacco).

He recently founded Healthloop, a leading digital health company that creates a dynamic digital conversation between doctors and patients between visits.  Healthloop just raised a $10M series A round from a leading Silicon Valley venture capital group.

After graduating from UC Berkeley and before attending Georgetown Medical school, Dr. Shlain spent a year teaching in Western Kenya with Harvard affiliated WorldTeach.

He lectures around the world and focuses on root causes of complex problems with an emphasis on simple solutions with the widest impact.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 7 2:30 pm (LK 120)
The continuity coefficient
Life and the human experience happen over time.  When we are sick or in need of medical attention, we seek ways to solve our problem in order to get back to our lives.  Our existing medical system... Read more
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