Joseph Salisz
MD, West Shore Urology

About Me

Joseph A Salisz is a 55 year old husband, father, urologist, outdoor activist, and cancer survivor. Due to a cancer operation, his re-plumbed urinary tract required an ostomy and thus an appliance bag on his side. He quickly realized the many troubles that bother ostomates, and his position as a patient has evolved into a position of advocate and inventor. With a team of colleagues, he worked with a team to help develop the appliance cover StomaCloak to help ostomates return to active daily life. 

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 6 5:40 pm (LK 130)
Prostate Cancer with a twist
In 2010, Joseph Salisz was a 51 year old urologist. Ironically, he was discovered to have a very aggressive prostate cancer, and X-rays showed the likelihood of bladder involvement. An aggressive urologist... Read more
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