Meredith Gould
ePatient Scholar; Community Manager, Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network

About Me

Dr. Meredith Gould's medical adventures began when she was seven years old. She is now 63, so that’s a lot of time logged in and around the world of healthcare. As a young woman, Dr. Gould spent countless hours in doctors’ offices and many thousands of unreimbursed dollars on testing and medication.  

During her late forties, Dr. Gould decided to shift her focus away from being chronically ill to helping others communicate clearly with healthcare professionals, manage hospitalizations, and die at home with optimal comfort.

Over the years, she has learned how and when to distinguish healing from curing. She is deeply committed to helping others embrace the former, especially when the latter isn’t an option.

Personal experiences plus rigorous training as a sociologist and as a marketing communications professional have shaped Dr. Gould's views about patient empowerment. She views the Medicine X e-Patient community as a safe, smart environment to discuss all this...and more.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 7 9:00 am (Plenary Hall)
Communicating the experience of illness in the digital age: Reaching beyond the Keller/Adams controversy
The world of the well and the world of the ill are often separated by an abyss of understanding about what it means to live with chronic and/or terminal disease. This gap became especially evident earlier... Read more
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