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About Me

Casey Quinlan a storyteller, speaker, media strategist, and writer with an extensive background in broadcasting, theater, and stand-up comedy. She believes that it – business, and life – is all about the story.

Casey studied theater and performance at the University of San Francisco, American Conservatory Theater, HB Studios, and the American Comedy Institute.

From there, she launched a two-decade career in broadcast news and sports, covering stories for Dateline and Today, presidential campaigns, wars, presidential campaigns that turned into wars, NFL Playoff games, Stanley Cup hockey, and the NBA.

Just days before Christmas in 2007, Casey was diagnosed with breast cancer. She used the experience to write a book about managing medical care, Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift, which became an Amazon Best Seller in October 2009.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 7 9:00 am (LK 102)
What patients and families want: Using technology to transform stories into change
Patient and family stories of their engagement in health and health care (or their lack of it) often fill online community sites, but rarely become used collectively to create the change that patients... Read more
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