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CEO, Dan's Plan

About Me

Daniel Pardi is CEO and co-founder of Dan’s Plan. Prior to founding this company, Dan worked in Scientific and Medical Affairs in the biopharmaceutical industry. At that time, he founded and Chaired the global non-profit IISRA.org; an organization that aims to facilitate research grant funding to academic researchers. IISRA became a Special Business Unit for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals in 2013. Dan has performed research on diet, exercise, and cancer, and continues to conducts research today in both sleep neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience at Stanford University in the U.S. and Leiden University in the Netherlands. His current research looks at how sleep deficiency alters food choice. In addition to publishing scientific articles, he serves as Editor for the Journal of Evolution and Health and is an invited member of the Society for Ingestive Behavior. As a lauded presenter and educator, Dan has been invited to speak to physician and academic audience around the world, including Switzerland, Germany, Moscow, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Budapest, and throughout the United States. Earlier in his career, he served as the Assistant Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of San Francisco, where he designed year-round training protocols to optimize in-seasons peak performance for 13 different athletic teams.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 6 12:10 pm (LK 120)
Solitary health habits are not enough -- we need a holistic health practice
In the US, lifestyle factors drive 80% of disease, costing $1 trillion annually to treat preventable symptoms. Yet only 4% of spending goes towards prevention solutions. Meaningful behavior change has... Read more
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