Summer Plum
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About Me

Summer Plum was a massage therapist and tea blender until illness required she close business. Now she is a professional patient working full time to manage and share the experience of chronic illness, hoping to help others with honesty & compassion. She has been called a "food and happiness enabler" because of her creative insistence on delicious living despite extensive dietary restrictions and physical limitations from Ehlers-Danlos, Depression, Anxiety, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Fibromyalgia, IBS, and more (she currently has 28 active diagnoses). Summer sometimes blogs at and can usually be found tweeting as @summerplum, and also contributes to @sickhacks & @gimpsexyus. 

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 7 11:00 am (LK 102)
Unmasking invisible illness: What does pain look like?
Unmasking Invisible Illness: What does pain look like?Watching the 2013 MedX ePatient panel, I was struck by the gasps from the audience when Emily Bradley disclosed her current pain level was a 9 on the... Read more
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