Sean Duffy
Co-founder & CEO, Omada Health

About Me

Sean’s passions live at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and design. In his current role as CEO and Co-Founder of Omada Health, he sets the vision for the company and helps inspire and empower a team of incredibly smart, driven clinicians, designers, and engineers. An in-demand speaker and thought leader, Sean has written enthusiastically about the future of healthcare in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, MedGadget, and TechCrunch, among others, and was recently named one of the “Top 40 Under 40″ Medtech Innovators by MDDI. He received his BS from Columbia University and was an MD/MBA candidate at Harvard.

At Medicine X 2015

Sunday, September 7 11:45 am (LK 102)
Pioneering at-risk business models in eHealth
In the history of healthcare innovation, cost has only been added for payers (or the entity financially responsible for patient care).  Co-payments, prior authorization, steerage and lengthy process to... Read more
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