Lisa Goldman Rosas
Research Director, Stanford Prevention Research Center

About Me

Dr. Rosas work experience includes conducting case management and health education with migrant farmworkers and their families, coordinating a rural migrant health program, and working in Mexico as a research fellow with the Population Council. Most recently, she served as the community outreach and translational research coordinator for the Center for Children's Environmental Health Research (CCEHR) at UC Berkeley. Her dissertation research examined the disparity in childhood obesity among children of Mexican descent by taking a binational (US-Mexico) approach. Dr. Rosas continues to investigate the disproportionate prevalence of overweight among children of Mexican descent by critically examining the acculturation hypothesis and investigating other promising avenues. Her research falls into four areas: (1) understanding the complex interactions between migration, acculturation and socioeconomic status and their influence on childhood obesity; (2) investigating modifiable early-life risk factors for overweight among children of Mexican descent; (3) identifying policies that are effective in curbing the childhood obesity epidemic among Mexican Americans; and (4) examining factors related to childhood overweight in Mexico. Immigrant health research rarely takes such a binational approach; however, taking into account the context in the country of origin is crucial for fully understanding the determinants of health outcomes in immigrant populations in the US.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 6 9:20 am (LK 304)
Workshop: The PCORI Engagement Rubric
In this session for both researchers and patients,  leaders from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) will share how their Engagement Rubric helps them connect with the patient community.... Read more
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