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3:10 - 4:00 pmFriday, September 25
Upper Lobby
Device & App Demonstration
Upper Lobby
Device & App Demonstration
Today’s technology grants patients an unprecedented level of control over their health. With the help of the latest biometric hardware and self-tracking software, patients can collect and analyze their... Read more


Today’s technology grants patients an unprecedented level of control over their health. With the help of the latest biometric hardware and self-tracking software, patients can collect and analyze their personal health data, understand their health habits, and make informed lifestyle changes. Seeking to raise awareness about these empowering technologies, we invite technologists and digital developers to demonstrate their creations on Friday afternoon.

A perennial favorite at Medicine X, this session gives conference attendees a chance to interact with the innovators behind the technologies changing health and medicine. The Device  & App Demonstration gives leading technology companies and personalized healthcare startups a chance to educate self-tracking novices and seasoned veterans alike.

Participating companies and developers include:

Lumo BodyTech - Stand tall and move more with Lumo BodyTech’s posture and activity trackers that track your body positions, gently vibrate when you slouch, count steps, calories, and mileage, to encourage small habit changes that add up to a big impact on your overall health.

Doctella - Create meaningful patient-doctor partnerships by using technology to enhance the interaction between patients and their doctors. Doctella develops a list of questions specifically tuned for different surgeries and procedures that patients can use to ask important questions from their doctors.

Yuzu Labs - Yuzu Labs helps make clinical, behavioral, and social research transparent and inclusive for all.

Oxirate - Oxirate is a technologically innovative company in the field of non-invasive and remote health-monitoring systems. They merge the latest achievements in medical science with proprietary technologies to create the next generation of mobile fitness and healthcare products.

GeriJoy - GeriJoy provides cost-effective dementia care oversight and companionship via virtual, talking pets supervised by remote caregivers. They work to improve mood, health, and quality of care for the elderly.

Mymee - Mymee is the easiest way to monitor the ebb and flow of your symptoms over periods of time. It delivers a personalized experience when you need it most.

Spire - By measuring your breathing patterns throughout the day, Spire can notify you when you're tense, guide you to greater calm, and help you discover what makes you focused.

Ovatemp - Listen to your body with ONDO, a bluetooth basal body thermometer that helps track your temperature and fertility status.

Skulpt - Gain insight into your health metrics. Aim® analyzes fat % and MQ by sending a small current through one muscle at a time. Measure fat % and muscle quality to track when you’re losing fat and gaining muscle.

Mango Health - Mango Health’s application helps you manage your medications and create healthy habits, so you can savor the moments that matter most.

Augmedix - Augmedix simplifies how you work with your EHR. Utilizing Google Glass, patient notes are filled automatically so you can focus on doing what you do best: caring for patients.

Hello Heart - Hello Heart helps you track your day-to-day blood pressure readings and provides easy tips and explanations to help you understand and improve your health.

Qardio - Qardio offers a better way of tracking health that fits effortlessly into your life. Their clinically-validated devices are powerful and smart, and have a beautiful design, a delightful user experience and can be used anytime, anywhere.

LIM Innovations - LIM Innovations aims to improve the human physical condition for amputees with socket technology and 5 pending patents designed for comfort and performance.

Kolibree - With the Kolibree toothbrush, Get real time feedback on the way you brush your teeth. Improve and preserve your family's dental health with the latest technology.

Predictably Well - A mobile app that identifies potential triggers of your flare-ups so you can make effective lifestyle changes.

Invirtua - Avatars for autism help reduce anxiety, improve focus and increase engagement in therapy sessions, using animated virtual characters as high-quality digital puppets.

Whil - Mindfulness meditation training helps to reduce stress and allows you to pay attention to what’s going on right now so you can perform in the moment.

Basis - Track your heat beat & sleep metrics, set exercise goals, and stay connected to people and events, all from your wrist.

Bellabeat - beautifully designed health trackers for women that help monitor physical activity, sleep quality, stress levels, and more.

Lark - chatting 1-on-1 with your nutritionist in your pocket, Lark is your personal weight loss coach.

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