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Design Thinking for Chronic Condition Patient Engagement
Deck A
Design Thinking for Chronic Condition Patient Engagement
General Partner, Health Wellness Practice, IDEO
Co-Director, Stanford Coordinated Care
Co-founder, Stanford Coordinated Care Clinic
Self-tracking ePatient and PhD candidate, Karolinska Institute
Dennis Boyle, Dr. Ann Lindsay, Dr. Alan Glaseroff and Sara Riggare will team up for a 3-hour mini workshop that is based on the teaching and research that we are doing.Dennis, Ann and Alan have worked... Read more


Dennis Boyle, Dr. Ann Lindsay, Dr. Alan Glaseroff and Sara Riggare will team up for a 3-hour mini workshop that is based on the teaching and research that we are doing.

Dennis, Ann and Alan have worked together to create and teach a course at the Stanford d.school called “Design for Better Health” or “d.health.” We are in our fifth year of teaching this class. We create small teams of multidisciplinary graduate students that come from all of Stanford’s graduate schools and pair them with patient-volunteers who are trying to manage one or more chronic conditions. These patients are volunteers from the panel of patients served by the Stanford Coordinated Care Clinic. Ann and Alan founded and lead this clinic. Sarah will draw upon her current and ongoing research in Sweden with panels of Parkinson’s patients and panels of Multiple Sclerosis patients who are learning health improvement strategies and tracking aspects of their health. She will also draw upon her extensive experience and research as a PD patient and spokeswoman.

We will give workshop participants an overview of our experiences. We will form and guide small groups to create outlines and features of health course curriculums that fit their backgrounds, level of educational environments, budgets and time constraints. There will be a brief share back by each group of the top line main salient points of curriculums created in the workshop.

Dennis Boyle is one of the founding members of the design and innovation firm IDEO and has worked as a project leader for many of the firm’s start-up and established clients including Apple, Palm, Tivo, Handspring, HP, Dell, Proctor and Gamble, and others. Dennis is now one of the leaders of the Health and Wellness practice at IDEO. Mr. Boyle is also a Consulting Assistant Professor at Stanford and teaches classes in the Design Division of the ME department.

Ann Lindsay MD is Co-Director of Stanford Coordinated Care (SCC). SCC is capitated for primary care of Stanford employees and adult dependents with complex chronic health conditions. Care is provided through a partnership between patients and families and their multidisciplinary care team including physical therapy, behavioral health, nutrition therapy and clinical pharmacy and primary care. Emphasis is placed on the patient’s own goals, care coordination with specialists, and on helping patients gain the skills to be healthy with whatever conditions they faced with. SCC has developed a dashboard that pulls from EPIC EHR to risk assess patients and identify care gaps and a Team Training Center to share the model of care. She currently serves on the Clinical Advisory Committee for the Pacific Business Group on Health CMMI supported project, Intensive Outpatient Care Program, which seeks to enroll 27,000 patients in three states by 2015.

She is a fellow in the California Health Care Foundation Leadership Program and joined the IHI (Institute for Health Improvement) faculty in October, 2013. Prior to moving to Stanford in 2011, Dr. Lindsay shared a family practice with her husband, Dr Alan Glaseroff, in rural Northern California for 28 years. During this time she served as County Health Officer for 18 years and was active in the leadership of the California Conference of Local Health Officers in Sacramento. In 2006 she received the Plessner Award from the California Medical Association as the physician who best exemplified the practice and ethics of a rural practitioner.

Dr. Alan Glaseroff is Co-Director of Stanford Coordinated Care, a service for patients with complex chronic illness. Dr. Glaseroff, a member of the Innovation Brain Trust for the UniteHERE Health, currently serves as faculty for the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s “Better Care, Lower Cost” collaborative and serves as a a Clinical Advisor to the PBGH “Intensive Outpatient Care Program” CMMI Innovation Grant that completes in June 2015. He served on the NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Committee 2009-2010, and the “Let’s Get Healthy California” expert task force in 2012,. Dr. Glaseroff was named the California Family Physician of the Year for 2009.

Dr. Glaseroff’s interests focus on the intersection of the meaning of patient-centered care, patient activation, and the key role of self-management within the context of chronic conditions.

Sara Riggare is an engineer and an unusually engaged patient. She was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2003 when she was just 32. After learning she had Parkinson’s, Sara used her engineering and passion for measurement to better understand her disease.

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