8:45 - 8:50 amThursday, September 24
CEO, SimTabs

Parvati Dev, PhD, is CEO of SimTabs LLC., and co-creator of CliniSpace, an award-winning virtual medical
environment for healthcare training. She has extensive
academic and corporate experience in developing technology solutions applied to
life sciences learning and research problems. While at CEMAX Inc., she
developed the first commercially available 3D reconstructive imaging system for
surgical planning and radiologic imaging. At Stanford University she founded
and ran an internationally recognized learning technologies lab, SUMMIT, with awards
in multimedia, web and simulation for medical education, and numerous
peer-reviewed publications. In her commercial endeavors, she and her team are
creating the next generation of immersive simulation environments for
healthcare. As an academic, she has won numerous grants from federal and
private agencies, has published extensively, and is a noted speaker on
education technologies.

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