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Authenticity: the ruby red slippers
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Authenticity: the ruby red slippers
Endocrine Associates
Appropriate use of technology to achieve the goals of personal integrity (health) or actuarial efficiency (cost-effectiveness) is dependent upon the authenticity of the categories engaged to organize and... Read more


Appropriate use of technology to achieve the goals of personal integrity (health) or actuarial efficiency (cost-effectiveness) is dependent upon the authenticity of the categories engaged to organize and act upon data. Categorical evidence applies interventions to existing categories as a tactical approach, while case-based evidence explores the strategic change of developing new categories demonstrating coherence with newly discovered principles of nature. Naive rationalisims are recognized with failure to achieve expected outcomes and generation of unanticipated problems consequent of inauthentic organization of data. While information technology and artificial intelligence provide tactical advantage, it can be questioned if they are capable of discovering the latent variables and principles necessary to replace naive constructs with with authentic understanding.

Integration of natural intelligence, intuitive to the patient/physician relationship, with the speed, scope and accuracy of digital technology is crucial for appropriate applications that scale discoveries made in practice to the social project of cost-effectiveness facilitated by discovery of authentic models demonstrated to enhance personal integrity. We have utilized case-based investigation to explore metabolic disease exposing that reliance upon normality as a definition of health to be naive while recognizing that metabolism is authentically understood as the complex organization of heat that is the foundation of biological signaling. Validation of the algorithmic graphs generated from N of 1 investigation has been demonstrated with the induction of remission in ten consecutive patients with refractory Grave’s disease utilizing repurposed interventions revealing pathogenesis to be disruption of a primitive metabolic system that contributes to thyroid health that also serves as a foundation for evolution of the adaptive endocrine and immune systems that emerge with terrestrial adaptation.

Grave’s disease can be recognized as an authentic category in the context a general theory of metabolism that engages the evolutionary model, but the concept of autoimmunity as an authentic category is called into question. Rather than being failure to distinguish self from non-self, Grave’ and probably other conditions considered to be autoimmune are mediated by signals and mediators of the primitive endocrine system that, though superficially similar to those of the adaptive systems, are independent of them. The primitive and adaptive systems are in competition for dominance in the organization of metabolic health and the expression a of disease, revealing a more authentic strategy for categorization and appropriate intervention than that based on the principle of homeostasis in the organization of heat.

The general theory of metabolism developed during the practice of medicine is similar to the authenticity represented by the red slippers that get Dorothy back home.

Born 1949 Eugene OR and raised Ventura CA
Atteneded University of California at Santa Barbara degree in Cellular and Organismal Biology
MD from University of Southern California
Developed the Discipline of Structural Ecology and General Theory of Metabolism

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