Jamia Crockett
Medicine X Executive Board Member

About Me

Jamia Crockett became a patient guide for Novartis in 2012 to share her experiences as a patient living and managing Multiple Sclerosis. As a patient guide, she has completed over a dozen live speaking engagements, from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Becoming an ePatient was crucial; she is creating a medium to have meaningful interactions with patients, caregivers, and the general public.

She decided to post her journey and life lessons learned about living and managing MS from an empowered perspective. She started tweeting about her travels, using Facebook to update her friends about the work that she has been doing as well as using Linked In to help her bring awareness to MS. She has made wonderful connections with other people living with MS via Twitter and Facebook, and she frequently has conversations about potential treatments, diet, exercise and similar topics. She is currently working on her own website to increase awareness and track her MS journey.

She believes that the future of healthcare will be a virtual experience first and then become personal. As a presenter, she strongly advocates to patients that they need to be part of their own healthcare conversation. Her hope is that by attending Medicine X, she will be exposed to other like-minded individuals who are actively moving the needle forward in the utilization and value of patients as experts in their own healthcare. She hopes to make great connections with other like-minded individuals, as well as learn best practices and innovative ways to continue the dialogue with patients.

At Medicine X 2015

Wednesday, September 23 4:55 pm (Plenary Hall)
Moderated Panel Discussion
Friday, September 25 2:40 pm (Plenary Hall)
Moderated Panel Discussion
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