Anil Sethi
Founder and CEO, Gliimpse

About Me

Anil Sethi is the founder and CEO of Gliimpse, Sethi’s fifth consumer health venture – a platform for patient-mediated aggregation of clinical/EHR records into computable forms sharable with humans and apps — for all 300MM US consumers. He is an investor, mHealth lecturer and mentor to StartX, UCSF, Cancer Commons, and was a board member of Johns Hopkins Medical School/SON.  He has thirty years of health tech background, and as the “Father of the CDA” has driven US interoperability standards.  Past exits/IPOs include Dakota (billing, acquired by WebMD) and Sequoia (EMR clinical data extraction, IPO then acquired by Citrix).  His Kaiser deployment was the largest patient-portal in US history. 

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 12:25 pm (Plenary Hall)
When Personal Becomes Portable: The Future of the Empowered Patient
The future of the EHR (Electronic Health Record) is ... the PHR (Portable Health Record). Where EHR’s record-keeping origins gives way to a richer, personal and portable health story. Stories are... Read more
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