Matthew Dudley
Medicine X ePatient Scholar

About Me

I am a family medicine trained physician who works as a Hospitalist in Anchorage Alaska with the Alaska Hospitalist Group. I was diagnosed with AML in 2013 and underwent treatment including a stem cell transplant. I was born and raised in Colorado where I was a avid Nordic ski racer, soccer player and mountain biker through college before going into medicine. I continue to be very active despite my cancer. I have two wonderful little boys 3 and 6 who were the reason I started writing. My wife is a physical therapist who has not only pushed me through my cancer but been my greatest friend in life.

At Medicine X 2015

Saturday, September 26 12:05 pm (LK 102)
CanSurround: Co-Creating With ePatients At The Intersection of Cancer Mental Health And Technology
What does a truly patient-centered, digital health startup company look like? How does such a company find an ePatient Advisor? Is it really possible to co-design with patients?This session will provide... Read more
Saturday, September 26 2:35 pm (LK 120)
Behind closed doors
Sunday, September 27 9:35 am (Plenary Hall)
Illness & intimacy: How peer-to-peer conversations are identifying and filling gaps in whole-person health
Just as doctors receive little training as to how to talk to patients about death and thus avoid the conversation to patients’ and caregivers’ detriment, there exists a major gap in doctors’ willingness... Read more
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